We need to declare eminent domain over national security energy patents that are being withheld from the public and release to the public domain.

I would like to replace the Internet Exporer (browser default) with my own.  In html, this is done with a ‘link’ tag like this…

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”http://www.radiods.com/image/logo/favicon/favicon.ico” type=”image/x-icon” /> 

My question is, which WordPress file controls the browser shortcut icon for the blog and where is this file located?

I’m using the Connections 1.5 on both the wordpress.com site and on my site at radiods.com.  There are two menu items under Presentation on the wordpress blog that are not available on the downloaded version of this theme.

– ‘customize image header’
– ‘sidebar widgets’

Where can I find the names of these plugins or widgets and are they available from wordPress?

There is no ‘I’ in ‘team.’

The Left blames the Right.
The Right blames the Left.
The Alternative preaches doomsday.

There are no solutions in any of this.
So WE will rise above the fray.
We will not blame anyone.
We will focus on Principles – not Parties.
Policies – not Personalities.
Solutions – not complaints.

We will take principled and strategic action instead of complain and blame.
While we will act in our own self-interests, we will act in those interests that are shared by every human so that we will actually be acting in our collective interest to avoid the destiny of history. We will pull in the same direction together to achieve liberty, high standards of living, literacy and self-fulfillment.

How we will do this and how we will work together to achieve these ends will be the subject of this blog. I personally look forward to our discussions, brainstorming, plans and action.